Our Children’s Homes

Our children’s homes are exactly that – homes. Warm and welcoming, they offer constant support and stability, so children feel safe and happy in a familiar and comfortable setting. We have the highest percentage of children’s homes rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, compared to any other major provider.


Each child or young person has their own en-suite room that’s furnished and equipped to the highest standard. Plus, there’s our skilled and experienced team, who are on hand to provide expert support, care and encouragement.


When it’s time for school, we’re there every step of the way (and the way back). Our Witherslack Group homes and schools work together to support our children and young people in every way – academically, socially and emotionally, as well as keeping them safe and helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.


We provide aspirational futures through inspirational education and care.

Explore our range of children’s homes careers

Registered Manager

Managing a children’s home is a big responsibility. You’ve got to create a safe, welcoming place that meets our own high standards as well as Ofsted regulations, where young people can thrive and progress. You’ll also support every team member and will help them grow their careers with us. Above all, the home must help every child achieve their full potential and the best possible outcomes. But rest assured that we’ll be thinking about your future too. As well as running one of our children’s homes, which are the highest quality in the sector, you’ll have the chance to develop and go even further with Witherslack Group!

Deputy Manager

If you want to hone your leadership skills, this is a brilliant role. As a Deputy Manager, you’ll be critical to the successful running of all aspects of one of our busy children’s homes, taking charge in the manager’s absence. As well as supervising the team, handling admin and checking and updating young people’s records, you’ll also be directly involved in case conferences, reviews and planning – a fantastic way to learn. Gain experience whilst demonstrating a real passion and resilience and you could soon be running a home of your very own.

Team Leader

You’re the person who keeps our team operating at their very best. You motivate people, lead shifts and take the reins when the Manager and Deputy Manager are off site. If there’s a safeguarding incident or a visit from Ofsted, it’ll be down to you to take control. And if there’s a case conference, you’ll be among the key people involved. In short, you will have responsibility for creating a safe and happy environment, for our young people. With your Level 3 Diploma for Residential Childcare, you’ll be ready to step up to the challenge. And from here, who knows how far your talents could take you. As a future deputy, we’ll be right on top of your development, supporting you with all your qualifications. Help our team to build their careers too and you’ll be on track for management and more!

Residential Support Worker

As a Residential Support Worker, you’ll be doing a hugely rewarding job – working with young people in our children’s homes. Every day, you will create a place where our young people can thrive; one that’s warm, welcoming, safe and calm. Here, you’ll plan activities, give support and accompany children when they go out. It is important that you are naturally equipped to deal with difficult or challenging behaviour. That means you’ve got to be calm, resilient and very patient. You should also be ready to study for a Level 3 Diploma for Residential Childcare (England) or equivalent (if you don’t have this already). In the meantime, we’ll give you outstanding training to help you reach your potential. If you’ve got ambition, and the drive to help out whenever you’re needed, then we’ll support you in growing your career.

Waking Night Staff

When the young people wake up during the night, you’ll be there to comfort and reassure them. Calm and caring by nature, you’ll listen and provide support. The key is to build a rapport that’s based on trust and understanding and the same applies to your relationship with your other team members. You’ll lend a hand when it’s bedtime and when it’s quiet, you’ll tidy up, deal with admin and do an hourly check throughout the night. If problems arise, you will stay calm and collected, supported along the way by sleep-in staff. With specialist training, you can progress to other roles if you’d like to. Either way, you must be ready for flexible night shifts on a 4 on, 4 off shift pattern.