Our Schools

Witherslack Group schools enable children and young people to thrive and develop.


Our inspirational schools are designed to give outstanding opportunities, experiences and support. Each one offers state-of-the-art learning resources, specialist facilities and a qualified, experienced staff team. Our professionals work closely with parents and carers, striving to build a future for every pupil. Together, they offer an extensive range of academic, practical, vocational, sport and leisure activities. Our children and young people are free to learn, excel and achieve, all while developing the social and communication skills that they need.


We also have our own specialist therapeutic team on hand. This includes Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners and Occupational Therapists.


Our Integrated Therapeutic Learning Centres provide the same high level of education, therapeutic support and care. The centres cater for smaller groups of young people, all on one site.


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We provide aspirational futures through inspirational education and care.

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Careers in our schools

Head Teacher

If you can bring resilience and patience, combined with great communication skills, you’ll excel at leading one of our diverse and hugely rewarding school communities. Committed to education and with experience of working with SEN, you will help us maintain our ‘outstanding’ standards and deliver the best for our young people. At the same time, you’ll consider the commercial success of the school, ensuring placement success, excellent cost management and developing exciting plans for growth. You’ll develop your team into the leaders of the future and the best classroom practitioners. This role calls for a multi-talented professional who is enthusiastic, sensitive and calm in challenging situations. Succeed, and we’ll support you in maintaining a strong level of CPD, helping you innovate and lead the way.

Deputy Head Teacher

As an outstanding teacher who’s passionate about working with children with SEN, you’ll be right at home in one of our state-of-the-art schools. This role is all about shaping a vision for the future of your school. You’ll work alongside the Head Teacher, making sure we have the people and plans in place to provide the very best care and education. Your goal will be to make sure our young people leave us feeling proud of what they’ve achieved. At the same time, you’ll strive to take the school even further, supported by the entire management team and a range of specialists. Resilient and innovative, you’ll bring about change in a positive way. In fact, you’ll be just the type of leader the school community can relate to. Make your mark, and you could soon be running a school of your own.


Specialist support, smaller classes and state-of-the-art facilities. Here at Witherslack Group, we give teachers everything they need to help children and young people learn and excel. Committed to fulfilling the potential of every pupil, whatever their educational needs, you’ll be part of a team that helps young people achieve great things. As you inspire our students to go further, we’ll be thinking about your progress too. If you want to move onwards and upwards, we’ll help you aim for new and exciting roles. If you’re the kind of Teacher who can really bring learning alive, you can expect great rewards including a Teacher’s pension.

High Level Teaching Assistant

As a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, you can be the catalyst for children’s progress and development. That makes you a very important member of our fantastic team. So as well as working with individuals, groups and classes, we’ll give you the chance to grow your own skills by taking on extra duties – planning meetings, working without supervision and helping teachers create brilliant learning activities. With your specialist knowledge, you’ll be able to support and develop other Teaching Assistants. Occasionally, there will be a need to attend meetings outside normal school hours.

Teaching Assistant

Having extra help in the classroom can be invaluable to pupils and teachers alike. And for you, it’s an opportunity to build your skills by working directly with children and young people and monitoring their work. While it’s important that each pupil makes academic achievements, you’ll also focus on helping children feel accepted and raising their self-esteem. The difference you can make can be enormous – you’ll be playing a big part in creating the best possible outcomes for them. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with opportunities to progress and build a long term career with us.

Pastoral Care

The welfare of children and staff is crucial – which makes your role incredibly important. It’s vital that we’re supporting our young people and adhering to our policies and procedures. If there’s a problem, you’ll flag it and make sure it’s sorted out. You’ll also set up educational and behavioural programmes, and be there to assist our team. Where necessary, you’ll help teachers within the classroom and will provide basic supervision and day care skills. Every school and children’s home is different – and so is every child. With roles available at assistant and manager level, there’s tremendous scope to learn, progress and move in the direction you want.


As one of our Administrators, you’ll help our schools run like clockwork. This makes you a vital member of our brilliant team. You’ll be responsible for the day to day management of the office, including, diary management, providing support to the Head Teacher and checking payroll against attendance records. Your friendly nature and professional attitude will allow you not only to support our team but also to build up a natural rapport with our young people. By keeping the cogs of our school turning, you’re helping us meet our ultimate aim – achieving the best possible outcomes for our young people.


This is a chance to serve up tasty, healthy, balanced meals at one of our schools. You’ll be whipping up delicious dishes, planning menus and taking into account any special dietary requirements. Behind the scenes in the kitchen, you’ll work to the highest health and safety standards and when you’re with our young people, you’ll be friendly, helpful and understanding. It’s important that you’re also ready to deal with any challenging or difficult behaviour. Join us in a senior role and you’ll be developing and supervising other kitchen staff. Whatever level you’re at, your dedication will be recognised.

Drivers and Escorts

Our Drivers and Escorts pick up and drop off our young people every day, ensuring they arrive safely at school and then back home again. It’s all about keeping children with complex needs safe and well during their journey. Together, you’ll supervise up to six young people, with the Escort keeping them occupied, chatting to them about their day. On arrival at school, you’ll see that they’re welcomed by a member of staff. Naturally, you need to be a careful and experienced driver.

Maintenance Workers

We want children to live and learn in settings where they’ll thrive, so it’s vital that all our homes and schools are kept in excellent condition. It’ll be down to you to maintain grounds and gardens, carry out repairs, drive and look after vehicles. If you’re highly skilled, you could support and develop less experienced staff. The key thing to remember is that everything you do must meet health and safety standards, and our own high standards.