Our Therapeutic Team

Our therapeutic professionals are a crucial part of what we offer. With their expertise, we can meet children and young people’s emotional and behavioural needs. That means you’ll find outstanding Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists in all our schools and children’s homes. Together, they help to change young lives and create stories of success.


We provide aspirational futures through inspirational education and care.

Explore our range of therapeutic services careers

Occupational Therapist

With a supportive expert team and state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll be free to achieve great things in a vibrant setting. Here, you’ll work with children and young people with SEMH, ASD, ADHD and communication difficulties. Your work will fall into two key areas – assessing children and young people’s skills and delivering OT services. That means you’ll be evaluating each child and young person’s motor, sensory and perceptual skills, and considering their impact. The next step is to work directly with children and young people, putting your OT plans into action.


This is no ordinary OT role. You’ll need the qualifications and experience to handle challenging behaviour and create bespoke OT programmes. You’ll also need experience of a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments. But above all, you’ve got to be resilient, and great with staff and pupils. In return, you’ll get the opportunity to build an exciting future day by day – as you help the children in our care to do the same.

Speech and Language Therapist

If you’d like to work with an excellent Therapeutic Services team in an inspirational setting, come and join our Speech & Language Therapists. You’ll help develop the communication skills of children with SEMH and / or autism difficulties. After assessing each child or young person, you’ll provide expert therapy, tailoring your plans and approach to each child and young person’s needs. On top of this, you’ll train our team and provide regular feedback on the children’s progress. It’s important you can use standardised and non-standardised assessments to write clear reports. These will help the local authority to stay up to date with our work.


It takes resilience, high standards and teamwork to achieve results for a challenging set of children and young people. But when you succeed, the sense of achievement can be both rewarding and inspiring. And as well as seeing a child improve their ability to speak, you’ll enjoy expert supervision, a strong support network and an outstanding opportunity to learn and develop.

Mental Health Practitioners / Counsellors

Life isn’t easy for children and young people with SEMH needs, but you can make all the difference as a Mental Health Practitioner. Your job is to assess their mental health and recommend interventions. That means working closely with each child to create a fully personalised care plan. By building a good rapport, you’ll deliver effective counselling that can really make an impact. Believe us, there’s no feeling quite like seeing a child and young person make progress.


There’s no doubt that you’ll be dealing with some challenging behaviour. What’s more, each child and young person’s requirements are constantly evolving. You must therefore be flexible, calm, resilient and patient. Your reward will be to see children and young people developing with your support – and to enjoy advancing your career with us too!

Psychologists – Educational / Clinical

This is your chance to take on a rewarding role working with children with highly complex needs. You’ll carry out assessments, create plans for specialist psychological therapies and put these into action. Challenging behaviour means that this isn’t always an easy job – but your expertise will enable you to make skilled evaluations and decisions about each child and young person. At all stages, you’ll liaise with teams and parents, creating plans with input from all parties. You’ll also support and train our team and offer specialist advice.


Relevant qualifications and experience are, of course, essential. But we’re also looking for patience, resilience and a genuine drive to give young people a promising future. Your development is equally important to us here at Witherslack Group. If you want exciting career opportunities, you’ll find them here with us.

Assistant Psychologist

Working under the supervision of a qualified Psychologist, you’ll assess children and young people, make recommendations and plan interventions. Some may have been assessed before, either way, you’ll promote their emotional wellbeing and support the early detection of mental health issues. Patience and a calm head are a must, whatever the case. Some young people show challenging behaviour, so you’ll need to be highly resilient and as every young person is different, they’ll require a personalised approach. With the help of our therapeutic team and external professionals, you’ll find the strategies that create the best outcomes and results.


As well as one-to-one work, you’ll support the management of children and young people in the classroom and give advice and training to colleagues. It’s great experience – and we’ll see that your skills evolve, helping you grow your career with us.