Head Teacher

Join us as a Head Teacher at Witherslack Group and you’ll be given everything you need to create a school and learning environment that allows both staff and pupils to flourish and succeed. 

As the UK’s leading specialist educational provider, we are always looking to attract new leaders to enable us to inspire more and more young people to find their own story of success. 

As we continue to grow, both in terms of the number of settings we have and also the regions we operate in, we will maintain our sector leading Ofsted ratings, educational outcomes and levels of therapeutic support by ensuring each of our schools is led by a strong and aspirational Head Teacher.

Our schools and learning centres benefit from excellent staffing ratios, small class sizes, highly resourced learning environments and endless academic and vocational options, delivered both within our school settings and also our vocational centres.

Working with us

To be an outstanding Witherslack Group Head Teacher you’ll be a multi-talented professional, you’ll have great leadership and communication skills; endless enthusiasm, resilience and vision, and a commitment to both the education and the achievement of each and every child.

In return we will provide you with the opportunity to make a true difference.

  • You’ll be given both the freedom and support to be able to achieve outstanding outcomes, emotionally, socially and academically, for every child and young person.  Freedom in terms of creating highly personalised curriculums and support through being part of a true Group that can draw on extensive experience and expertise at every level. 

  • You’ll have the privilege of leading our staff through your inspirational leadership, expert support and a commitment to their development. As a Witherslack Group Head Teacher, you’ll ensure that every member of school staff is dedicated to achieving the very best outcomes for our children and young people.

  • You will help us maintain our ‘Outstanding’ standards and continually deliver the best for our young people.  It will need you to bring your energy and enthusiasm; calmness and consideration; and experience and insight, but we will be with you every step of the way, helping you innovate, develop and succeed.

Benefits and Support

We’ll help you continue your professional development and ensure you have everything you need. You can expect both support and positive challenge from our Regional Directors, as well as access to specialist teams focused on a range of key areas including school improvement; safeguarding, behaviour and inclusion; assessment and quality evaluation; therapeutic services; and commercial and communication. 

You’ll also have fantastic opportunities to network with other Head Teachers, experienced practitioners and senior Witherslack Group leaders.  

We offer a benefits package that includes:

  • A very competitive basic salary, 10% performance related bonus, Long Term Incentive Scheme up to 30% pa, with a company car or car allowance option.

  • Teacher Pension Scheme or a range of flexible pension options to suit personal circumstances. 

  • Full school holidays.

  • Private Health Care for you and your family.

  • Attractive relocation packages to help great Head Teachers to be mobile and able to take up opportunities in new parts of the country.

Our therapeutic approach

We are committed to providing all of our young people with the therapeutic support that they need.

All of our schools and children’s homes operate a completely integrated approach towards therapeutic support and are supported by our Clinical Services Team, which includes Education Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. The Clinical Services Team delivers a combination of directly targeted work with young people in addition to providing staff consultation, support and training.

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